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Good Videos Never Die!

We’re living in the Online Video age.  But videos about events, with no story intertwined, can have a very short shelf life.  There’s a big story behind your hard work. Show and tell the world your story with a meaningful video that packs an emotional wallop. Stretch Media’s Stretchanthropy award-winning MOVING PICTURES are compelling, timeless and affordable micro-documentaries that can quickly go viral across Facebook, Twitter, and Email. We will touch the hearts of your target audience while telling the big story behind your organization. Invest in an enduring “Moving Picture” and let your story be known.

Stretch Media has a deep commitment to community outreach and social action. That’s why we have devoted our marketing talents and production expertise to the twin pursuit of Cause Branding; in which we help Non-profits, Social Action, Philanthropic, Government and Non-Government Organizations tell their stories and achieve their goals; and Cause Marketing; outstanding production quality combined with strategic & targeted media planning to create award winning campaigns that exceed all expectations. In addition, we nurture and develop partnership between a Non-Profit and a For-Profit for a Mutual Profit.
Our company began life as Filmanthropy.  Working in collaboration with other organizations, our PSA’s, documentaries and tribute films have raised millions for diverse groups nationwide, including the Saban|LA Free Clinic, Physicians Assistants Foundation, Weingart Center and many more. Check out the reel above and the samples below to see just how moving pictures can be.



Showcasing the architecture that helps the NeoNatal Intensive Critical Care Unit provide a great service and accommodations to their patients.


Ability First Festival of Fall

Stretch Media documents Ability First’s Festival of Fall where  people come together to give and celebrate this organization as they take part in a silent auction, wine & beer tasting, and try the delicious food at this event.


Discovery OnStage

We dramatized the worthy cause of bringing theater arts to kids in LA with this wordless but powerful video.

SoPas Eclectic Art Fest

Exploring the art, activities, music, and experiences the South Pasadena Eclectic Music & Art Festival has to offer.

Ability First Stroll & Roll 2013

Stretch Media covers Ability First’s biggest event of the year – The Stroll & Roll at Universal Studios. Families, friends, and famous characters enjoy a beautiful day out and obtain support from their peers as they take part in the day’s activities.

Helpguide’s Video Toolkit

Stretch Media photographed and video edited this comprehensive 7 part do-it-yourself stress management video series which is an integral educational component of (w/Margot Winchester Productions)

Healthcare for Migrant Workers

This documentary showcases Saltlake City’s excellent Healthcare practices for Migrant workers and their families through Head Start.

Calif. Governor’s Conference | Minerva Winner, Ann Deutsch

California Governor First Lady Maria Shriver wanted to document the award winning work of Trauma counselor Anna Deutsch.

Family Violence Rescue Team

Documentary about a Family Violence Rescue Team that is making a different in Long Beach, CA.

Teen Pregnancy

This mini documentary about Teen Pregnancy underlines the need for education and how PAF professionals make a difference.

Special Olympics

Documentary about the much needed help Special Olympians need and how Physician Assistant professionals make a difference.

West Tribute

Mimi and Bernie West we’re given a tribute at the Saban Free Clinic Fundraising event. This video told the moving story of their lives.

Nashuva Outreach Video (series)

We created a sizzle reel for one of LA’s hippest synagogs to help them raise money and awareness. It worked! They received their funding and continue to grow.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma

This educational documentary uncovers the healing powers of overcoming childhood trauma.

Gesher Gang Music Video

Stretch went into this pre-K classroom, wrote a unique song that captured the spirit of the kids and made this unforgettable music video. A priceless experience for everyone involved.

Fighting Obesity in the South

Documentary about fighting obesity in the South through nutritional education for the entire family.


Cancer Advocacy

California Governor First Lady Maria Shriver asked us to document the award winning work of maverick cancer advocate Helaine Brown.

PSA Break the Cycle

Public Service Announcement produced in association with Women in Film.