HPA Awards Presentation “Commercial Editing”

Hollywood Post Alliance & Sony Pictures brought us in to edit 12 special award reels–like this one for Commercial Editing. In addition to editing the clips, we created the title design, motion graphics and composed the music.

Ghost Buddy

The Fonz-Henry Winkler, playing a ghost called “the Hoove,” is featured in this Scholastic trailer for Ghost Buddy written by Winkler and Lin Oliver. We produced a series of trailers, this one with original music, motion title & graphics, and our own resident poltergeist doing some spooky SFX & compositing.

Warp Speed

South Pasadena’s landmark movie theater bring’s writer Lisa Yee’s book to life in this trailer and author interview. We shot it documentary style – ENG with EDGE ala shadowy B-Roll and original space-age music. We also edited together Lisa’s Warp Speed Klingon Trailer.

The Surge

We had a great time with Roland Smith bringing his stormy saga of hurricanes and escaped circus animals to life.


Greg Neri is one of the hottest new writers in the young adult genre, and this hip-hopped trailer is a good example of the power of words, pictures and music. Chilling.

Chess Rumble

Working within limited time and money restrictions, we used compelling type and shadows, special effects and rhythmic editing that make you just want to grab the book. And play chess.