Saban | LA Free Clinic

Produced annually over several years, these fundraising videos helped raise millions for this most excellent institution. (w/PhilanthroFilms)

Discovery Onstage

Stretch photos, videos, editing and motion graphics show an entire journey of childhood discovery.

Overcoming Childhood Trama

This educational documentary uncovers the healing powers of overcoming childhood trauma. (w/Philanthrofilms)


History was made using stem cells in brain surgery just a few miles from Stretch Headquarters. We got the shots, and it was aired on national news.

South Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival

Hot fun in the summertime! Stretch documented every bit of the South Pasadena’s Eclectic Music and Art Festival. What a a cool event.

Healthcare of Migrant Workers

This documentary showcases Saltlake City’s Healthcare practices that care for Migrant workers and their families. (w/Philanthrofilms)

Fighting Obesity Through Education

Documentary about fighting obesity in the South through nutritional education for the entire family. Films like this need to made and seen.(w/Philanthrofilms)

Teen Pregnancy

This mini documentary about Teen Pregnancy underlines the need for intervention through communication, and how education make a difference. (w/Philanthrofilms)

Foot Clinic for the Homeless

Helping the homeless is a nobel job for these passionate Washington DC Physician Assistants. (w/Philanthrofilms)

Special Olympics

Special Olympians get support from professionals who are passionate. Together they make a difference. (w/Philanthrofilms)