A holistic healer in Southern California had a new improved form of facelift. He called it ART Facial Sculpting. And he came to us to tell the world about it. We used animation, motion graphics, music and Hi-Def video to craft a spot and a print campaign.

Eat at Joe’s

Original catchy operatic jingle. Legendary Redondo eatery.
Written, boarded, cast, shot, edited, mixed and aired in three weeks. And it got us a cover story in the LA Times. Not bad.


We created a complete online campaign for this amazing device that combines exercising and watching TV. Wrote it, cast it, shot it, scored it, edited with motion graphics, rebuilt the website, arranged PR, created three spots, bought the media, and shot this 2 minute mini-infomercial. Phew!

Claro’s Television Spot

If you want real good homemade Italian food, you can buy it at one of the 6 locations of Claros. Bet you didn’t know there were 6 locations. This spot tells you, with an original jingle and fun footage. What, you want, a map? We got that too.

PSA Break the Cycle

Great lighting, great shooting, excellent writing and acting. A good job all around for a worthy cause. We like doing social action. If you’ve got a worthy cause, give us a call.

PSA – Love is Not…

The second in a series of superbly produced Public Service Announcements. A difficult subject handled beautifully.

Back Institute

Pain. Drama. Falling groceries. Fear. Hope. Happy ending. We used our crane and two locations in one day. Original score by Stretch/Shastakovich. What a team.

Freddy Freaks

You want a hip spot for a shoestring? Frederator, the online original Cartoon Central, was giving out its Freddy Awards and we did this promo to make Freddy feel at home. Freaky!


This was one of the first promos ever created for Next New Networks, the online content pioneer. N3 was just purchased by Youtube for an undisclosed monumental sum. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Hess Spot

Every year the Hess Oil Company puts out a high quality, low priced toy truck at Christmas time. This was one of them. Nice. Like a puppy.


Next New Network’s muckraking political site Veracifier lent itself perfectly to this cool track and hot visual. And “Reality? Check.” is a nice piece of copywriting.

Ha! TV Comedy Network

A looped piece of stock footage and a insane little chant. It doesn’t get any sillier than this…or more effective.

STP Engine

This spot won a Clio. We made up the concept of a trip through an engine’s oil ways, at a time when CGI was in its infancy. Nobody had ever gone through a liquid filled tube before. So this spot pushed the boundaries of Computer Graphics. Bill Burnett wrote the script and wrote and recorded the score for the spot as well.