You CAN Get There From Here

OK, you’re branded.  You have a unique identity that is going to attract people to your product or company.  Before rushing into a TV campaign, or buying space in the local newspaper, or launching a big Social Media presence, or purchasing a bunch of Google Ad words – before making any marketing move, answer this all important question: WHAT?  (Don’t worry, it’s an acronym.)

Who is your target audience?  Young?  Old? Male? Female? National?  Local?
How can they be reached?  TV? Online? Print? Outdoor? Mobile device? Social Media?
Affordability: How much can you afford to spend on marketing?
Timeline: How quickly do you need to get the word out about your brand? Do you have a product that will spoil if it isn’t sold in a week?  Will you go broke if you don’t get customers within three months?  Or can you live with a slow build?

By answering WHAT? (and a host of questions contained within those four letters) Stretch Media can construct a Customized Strategy that will help you reach the right eyes and ears, with a message that pops, in media where your target is paying attention.  We can structure a campaign that fits your marketing budget, and steer you away from tactics that seem attractive but won’t bear fruit. Finally, we can develop a time frame for rolling out your brand in a way that will have the greatest impact and increase your chance of success.  Check out the case histories below.


Dr. Brown’s Soda

Once found exclusively at New York Jewish Delis, Dr. Brown’s soda wanted to broaden its appeal. We created a character, Dr. Brown, and made him into an urbane Softdrinkologist who had created “The Perfect Soft Drink.” Art Dirctor Glenn Batkin oversaw the design and those frosty beauty shots. The campaign ran in The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review…all the hoity-toity places where they’d never heard of Dr. Brown’s before. Now they have.


We created a complete online campaign for this amazing device that combines exercising and watching TV. Wrote it, cast it, shot it, scored it, edited with motion graphics, rebuilt the website, arranged PR, created four spots, planned & purchased the media, and shot this 2 minute mini-infomercial. Sales increased 400% in the first week!


ReNuMi Campaign
A holistic healer in Southern California had a new improved form of facelift. He called it ART Facial Sculpting. And he came to us to tell the world about it. We used animation, motion graphics, music and Hi-Def video to craft a spot and a print campaign. Then we made a surprising discovery…


Jewish Federation Campaign
The Federation asked us to help them spread the word about their many great Jewish programs. But they didn’t have money for a full-out marketing campaign. We started where most people start these days, at the website, and we design and maintain the monthly email blasts through constant contact. This low-budget outreach tremendously increased traffic to their site and to their events 100 fold. Now their site is a must-go-to for all things Jewish in the San Gabriel Valley.
Nick at Nite

How do you make a bunch of old black & white reruns cool? That was the challenge at Nick at Nite. Our solution was an alternative universe – “TV Land” – where all the shows and stars were alive and wishing you well: “Hello Out There From TV Land!” We made up fake products – Mr. Ed’s After Shave (a real scratch ad and sniff that smelled like hay) – fake episodes: Fred MacMurray Finds Fourth Son Locked In Closet! – and fake contests: The Donna Reed Look Un-Alike contest.

TV Land is now a very successuful network in its own right. Ain’t life strange? Scroll and enjoy.