Soundtracks & Sound Design

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Ghost Buddy Score

A funny spooky theme in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s TV show (Charles Gounod’s “Funeral March for a Marionette”) is what we composed and delivered for Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver’s new book. It’s catchy. Should be the theme for the series, no?

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Warp Speed Score & Sound Design

Scholastic’s Lisa Yee wrote a story about a kid who is a Star Trek freak. That led us to boldly go to an outer space, techno and guitar theme. We also created sound design to accompany our Warp Speed motion graphics and B-roll chase scenes.

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The Surge Sound Design

Our Sound Design IS the soundtrack for most of this action packed hurricane tale by Roland Smith. We made radio broadcasts, lightning, thunder, and swirling water and radar screen sounds.

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ChalkZone Opening Theme

Considered by thousands of Youtube viewers to be one of the best show openings ever, the ChalkZone theme features Bill Burnett’s mash-up of hip-hop scratch and chant and searing rock guitar. Produced by Guy Moon.

Gaucho Pampa Soundtrack

Jaime Diaz was one of the great animators of the 20th century. He learned his trade from the true masters – Tex Avery, Friz Freling – and had become a master himself. He was from Argentina, and he made this cartoon shortly before he died. Larry Huber and Animotion Works produced it. Stretch’s Bill Burnett wrote and produced the music with an authentic Argentine folk music twist.