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TV Heaven Astronauts

This series of radio spots for TV Heaven 41 in Minnesota are fun. We started with an idea inspired by that scene in “The Right Stuff” where John Glenn sees something freaky outside his space ship’s window. The other spots played off of the many reports of crop circles, mysterious drawings in the valleys of South America, and attempts to decipher ancient pyramids and ruins. Play them all and have a heavenly time.

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TV Heaven Nowhere Roads

From Astronauts to Ancient Astronauts. Ancient TV watching Astronauts.

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TV Heaven Sphinx

In this one it is revealed that the Sphynx was actually watching TV!

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I Want a Dog

Doo wop for hot dogs! Somehow the whole thing brings to mind summertime and classic Americana. Dig it.

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Jailbird Radio Spot

We were in a tight spot. The approved spot had been dis-approved at the last minute. We needed another spot. I wrote this spot, on the spot. Handed it to the actor and we recorded it. Played for client. Spot on.

(Credit-where-credit-is-due Dept: It was Bob Sarlin’s brilliant idea to equate the yellow lines in the middle of the road to the yellow Conti ribbon.)

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Wedding Watches

Romance and Timex watches. A match made in heaven.

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Another crazy Continental yellow ribbon spot. I love the heavy breathing.