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Eat at Joe’s

Faux opera is always fun. Ask Bugs Bunny. And Eat at Joe’s in Redondo Beach seemed especially ripe for an aria, because it is so much the opposite of stuffy. It’s a kick back, family style, burgers and omelettes kind of eatery. Tons of fun.

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The Renumi Wellness Center is a peaceful place, with fountains and Buddhas. This soundtrack sought to emulate that meditative essence – while delivering a message that would cause viewers to get up and make an appointment. A delicate balance.

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Claro’s Buon Appetito

This Italian-ish tune captures the homey fun of a Claro’s Italian Market, while delivering a lot of information in just 15 seconds. For instance: How many Claro’s market’s are there? You’ll know after you listen to this jingle.

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Rhino Records

Rhino released a KidVid of Bill Burnett songs about animals. It was called Pet Songs. We wrote this ditty to include a Rhinoceros in the animal line-up and serve as a kind of jingle for Rhino.

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Pan Am

A plush jet with leather seats and every amenity, always waiting on the tarmac to take you to an important business meeting. That’s luxury, no? This jingle captures that feeling of airy ease. Like having your own corporate jet.

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123GoTV! From KidExerciser

Probably the single stickiest thing in the 123GoTV spot is the the “brand chant”. The growling guitars make this fitness product rock. And the throbbing undercurrent from Ed Wood Music’s library definitely propels the spot forward.