Print Campaigns

Nick at Nite

How do you make a bunch of old black & white reruns cool?  That was the challenge at Nick at Nite. Our solution was an alternative universe  – “TV Land” - where all the shows and stars were alive and wishing you well: “Hello Out There From TV Land!”  We made up fake products – Mr. Ed’s After Shave (a real scratch ad and sniff that smelled like hay) – fake episodes:  Fred MacMurray Finds Fourth Son Locked In Closet! – and fake contests:  The Donna Reed Look Un-Alike contest.

TV Land is now a very successuful network in its own right. Ain’t life strange?  Scroll and enjoy.


Pentech  “The Original Wild Ones”

Colored pencils.  What’re ya gonna do?  Make ‘em wild, right?  Show what great doodles you can do if you’ve got these colorful pencils.  I took a first pass at the art on this myself, but it was Art Director Tom Godici who made it look wild but nice.

There’s an art to that.

Dr. Brown’s Soda

Once found exclusively at New York Jewish Delis, Dr. Brown’s soda wanted to broaden its appeal. We created a character, Dr. Brown, and made him into an urbane Softdrinkologist who had created “The Perfect Soft Drink.”  Art Dirctor Glenn Batkin oversaw the design and those frosty beauty shots.  The print campaign ran in The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review…all the hoity-toity places where they’d never heard of Dr. Brown’s before.  Now they have.

Edge TV

Edge TV was a cable channel that featured dangerous performance artists like John Fleck – one of the infamous NEA4, who lost their NEA grants for being deemed too obscene.  (The group took their case to the Supreme Court and won.)  Our little part in it all was this print campaign for EdgeTV featuring independent artists. Art Directed by Debrah Lemattre, it featured Fleck crawling menacingly toward the camera.