Branded Entertainment

In a world of DVRs, Smart Phones, iPads,  and VOD, the role of the traditional advertisement is in a state of flux.  It still exists and still dominates, but a new kind of interaction between consumer and product is rising.  It’s B.E.: Branded Entertainment–Enjoyable content that is complementary to a brand’s personality and funded by the brand’s marketing budget. Stretch Media, with its years of experience in both Marketing and Content Production, is ideally suited to create a Branded Entertainment solution for your company or product.

Branded Entertainment is the ‘sexy’ new approach to connecting with your consumer. Two decades ago there was a fear that TV commercials would be less relevant as VCRs became ubiquitous. Today, right now, this has become fact, not fear.

Sutton, R., Zack,
Best Practices in Branded Entertainment

Here are how a few of our colleagues have gone about it:
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In this tutorial on how to tie a four in hand, Alexander Olch finds a witty way to make a dry subject silly, informative and sexy.  It’s entertainment.  It’s branded. It’s Branded Entertainment.

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These big budget Jameson ads never talk about ingredients, or how long the whiskey is aged. They heroize John Jameson as a reckless Scotch-maniac who can survive anything–even a giant octopus