Branding, The Emotional Connection

Branding expresses the UER (Unique Emotional Relationship) that your product or company has with the consumer.  It is the way a product of service makes you feel, through humor, storytelling, music, logo design, typography, social media, and strategyHere are some examples of Stretch’s  Adventures in Branding.

Stretch Media’s co-founder Bill Burnett…

has a long history of branding some of the biggest and best known brands in the world.  For instance, Bill made up the name Comedy Central, and wrote that network’s original Branding and Positioning document. He also helped create the look and feel for Nick at Nite, TV Land, and Hanna-Barbera,  and more recently wrote branding documents for Next New Networks and Channel Frederator.

You can read all about those and other of Bill’s branding exploits here


Branding isn’t only for big companies…
with massive marketing budgets. Discovery Onstage  is a small but growing company providing Theater Education through camps, school programs and community outreach.  We helped them brand their programs through a compelling video with a strong story and compelling graphics, music, and photographs.  Click to get the whole picture.


A concerned mother and entrepreneur…
invented an exercise device for kids.  She saw it as a tool to fight childhood obesity.  Stretch branded it as a fun addition to the family entertainment center. Click here to see how we turned things around with new graphics, a new logo, video, PR and a innovative media plan.