Video Production, Photography, Web Development and Branding.
Stretch Media does all that and more for Good Citizen companies,
Non Profit Organizations, and Social Action Groups.

Unique Emotional Relationship

Product Naming
Slogan & Tagline
Logo Development & Design

All marketing begins with branding. Cause marketing is no exception. Branding is, quite simply, establishing the Unique Emotional Relationship [UER] that  your product, cause or organization has with the public.
Stretch principals have been integrally involved with the branding and marketing of some
of the world’s best-known brands like MTV, ComedyCentral, Tumblr, Sony Animated Pictures, and  Nickelodeon. Stretch will apply our brain for branding to help make your product or cause stand out. We’ll  help you define your UER in the marketplace,  and then help you communicate your brand to the world.


Market Research & Analysis
Brand Communications
Cause Partnerships
Media Buying

Stretch Media can construct a Customized Strategy that will help you reach the right eyes and ears, with a message that pops, in media where your target is paying attention.
We can structure a campaign that fits your marketing budget, and steer you away from tactics that seem attractive but won’t bear fruit.
Finally, we can develop a time frame for rolling out your brand in a way that will have the greatest impact and increase your chance of success.

In a time teeming with new marketing possibilities –  Social Media, Online Video, Mobile, Trad, Email Blasts –one thing never changes:  You still need to Produce Stuff to get your message out.
Stretch Media gives you an advantage because, hey,  we do all that!
Let’s get to work.